Modern unusual matryoshkas collection (part 2)

As I've promised I'm continue to publish unusual modern variations of nested-dolls (matryoskas).

Nested doll-mouse or two devices in one

The Brando company sells the unusual nested doll-mouse. Twin Mouse is the full-size mouse being the container for the tiny manipulator which can be used separately (but not on the contrary).

Thus, when you go to travel, you can take the laptop and the mini-mouse. When you work at your home PC you can use the big one. Some people can think that the problem and its decision are far-fetched, but is it really expensive to pay 21 dollar for such an unusual device? "Nested doll" weighs 104 g , the resolution of an optical sensor is 800 dpi.

The other company sells the similar mouse but in "football" variation - 06 World Cup USB Twin Mouse.


Modern unusual matryoshkas collection (part 1)

For more than one hundred years matryoshka, the symbol of russian culture, has been evolving. Now a lot of new wonderful variants of this souvenir have appeared. Today I'm beginning to publish modern matryoshkas collection which I'm going to supplement.

World's largest 100-feet-high Matryoshka doll made in China

MOSCOW, May 18 (RIA Novosti) - The world's largest Matryoshka, or nested doll, has been created in the northeastern Chinese city of Manzhouli, in Inner Mongolia, the Xinhua news agency reported Friday citing city administration representatives.
The local administration said the Matryoshka, which is 30 meters (98.4 feet) high, is the leading municipal project aimed at attracting tourists with an expected overall area of 540,000 square meters (5.8 million square feet). The first part of the original complex was built in 2006.
Chinese, Mongolian and Russian girls are pictured on a gigantic Matryoshka-shaped construction on the city's eponymous square.
The area of rooms inside of the doll is 3,200 square meters (34,400 square feet). They house a European cuisine restaurant and a presentation hall.
Eight similar, but smaller, buildings have been built around the "main" Matryoshka, as well as 200 small Matryoshkas showing famous politicians and public figures from all over the world.
Matryoshka dolls, also called nested dolls, stacking dolls or Babushka dolls, are sets of dolls of decreasing size that fit into one another. The name Matryoshka might have originated from the Russian first name Matryona, usually associated with a robust rustic Russian woman.

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